What are Challenge Nights?

Challenges are inter-squad matches setup to determine the rankings of individuals will be ranked as the Varsity, JV, and Exhibition wrestlers for the dual meet and post season “league” tournament series (Sub-division, Division, & League Tournaments).

How is the pecking order predetermined prior to Challenges?

The assessment of the wrestlers by coaches are done during the first 3-4 weeks of practice and round robin participation. Assessments will be used to determine a wrestler’s ranking in a particular weight class (where there is no prior documentation).

The first 2-3 challenge nights are going to be completely open to all challengers. The last two challenge nights are at the discretion of the Challenge Coordinator, President, and Head Coach. Challenge matches will occur at practice in a separate area and will typically take between 2-4 days to complete for the entire roster. Families will be notified of the challenge days ahead of time and the wrestlers, if interested in competing for a Varsity/JV spot, will need to be present and prepared. It is possible to wrestle more than one challenge match in one day.

How are Challenge matches set-up?

Prior to each challenge week the coaches and the challenge coordinator will prepare a list of challengers for each weight class. This will be done initially using last years results and then updated based on the coaches’ assessment of each wrestlers ability. All wrestlers may challenge during the first three challenge weeks. If your wrestler wants to challenge contact the Challenge Coordinator prior to Monday night to ensure he/she is placed on the challenge list. An experienced wrestler with a realistic chance of winning and competing in the sub-district may challenge at multiple weights with the approval of the coaches. This will only be allowed during the first two or three challenge nights.

How Do Challenges work and what is the process?

The Varsity, Junior Varsity and other challengers in each weight group must attend the designated challenge nights. If you are unable to attend the challenge night, you must obtain prior approval by both the head coach and the challenge coordinator. (If you miss challenge night you forfeit). A challenge match will consist of three 1-minute rounds (1½ minutes for the 1st round) for 9 and over, and three 1- minute rounds for 8 and under. Each Challenge match needs two wrestlers, a score, a timer and an Official. The pecking order for challenges will go as follows: The lowest ranked wrestler in a weight class challenges first. For example, the number 3 ranked wrestler would challenge the JV wrestler, who is the number 2 seed. Whoever wins that match will then challenge the Varsity wrestler, who is the number 1 ranked wrestler in that weight class. Challenges are sequential from low to high and wrestlers may continue to challenge up the ladder, as long as they keep winning.

Wrestlers must be prepared to wrestle at the designated time. When called for a challenge, wrestlers must have wrestling attire on headgear, shoes and socks, (singlet not required) Wrestler may have to wrestle several matches in one evening. The wrestler must be courteous to the official, scorer, timer and their opponent (unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated).

*IMPORTANT* There will be no coaching or cheering for or against another wrestler.

Referees/Coaches must fairly and patiently officiate matches and communicate with the wrestlers. If for any reason you feel you cannot officiate a challenge match, let the Challenge Coordinator know and he/she will assign the match to another Referee/Coach (The only reason Challenge Coordinator needs to hear is "I am uncomfortable officiating this match").

  • Prior to each match, introduce yourself, the wrestles to each other, tell them this a challenge match at i.e. ‘54 pounds 8 & Under’, ensure the timer knows how long the rounds need to be, the scorer knows who is who and boundaries of the match.​

  • At end of each round, go to the scorer and confirm the score, ensure each wrestler knows the score, round and the situation. There should be a clear break between rounds. The Challenge can get confusing for the wrestlers especially if they go out of bounds a lot.

  • At the end of the match, let the wrestlers know the score and send them to the Challenge Coordinator for further instructions.

What if my child does not make a Varsity or JV position?

Parents…whether your child secures a Varsity or JV position is NOT important. Your child will get plenty of wrestling this season with all the tournaments and dual meets available. The important issue is that each wrestler will gain valuable experience in the sport of wrestling AND will be having fun while they’re doing it.

What are qualifying weigh-ins?

The Pierce County Jr. Wrestling League requires each wrestler to have 4 (four) weigh-ins in order to qualify for the Sub-division Tournament. These ‘weigh-ins‘ must be attained at three of the five round robin / dual meets the league has this season. At the dual meets, a weigh-in only counts if the wrestler is in the Varsity or JV positions (Exhibition does not count). Every wrestler gets a qualifying weigh-in at the Round Robins. Parents, it is STRONGLY advised that your child gets as many qualifying weigh-ins at these designated meets.

Other Considerations . . .

Pierce County Jr. Wrestling League rules require a wrestler to have wrestled three qualified matches in the weight class (or one below) that they are registered to wrestle in at the post-season league tournament. Qualified matches are limited to PCJWL Dual meets or Round Robin tournaments only. If a wrestler cannot achieve the required number of qualified matches by season end they will not be allowed to challenge for a JV or Varsity position if that match eliminates the incumbent wrestler from meeting post season requirements.

What are the requirements if my wrestler makes Varsity/JV?

Wrestlers who qualify and accept a position on the Varsity/JV roster will be required to attend and meet the weight requirements for their respective weight class prior to wrestling at the Varsity Dual Meet, or JV Tournament.

In addition, the wrestler will be required to attend and meet the weight requirements for the Sub-Division Tournament (post-season) and follow-on post season tournaments should they qualify. All post-season tournaments will be held the last 3 weeks in January. The complete season schedule is available on the website, emailed to registered families and is posted on the PCJWL website. If the wrestler will not be able to compete at any of these events, the Challenge coordinator, and/or Head Coach needs to be notified as soon as possible in efforts to fill the position with the next qualified wrestler.